Santa Clause#8694 is probably the best Christmas discord bot! Includes all the best Christmas themed functions that you will ever need. What more can we say? Invite it now and try it for yourself.



  • days - Days until Christams Eve
  • secretsanta - Start a game of Secret Santa
  • gif - Returns a random christmas gif
  • chance [user (optional)] - The users chance to get gifts this year
  • help - Shows a help message
  • Slash commands

    Slash commands is the new way to interact with discord bots. All you have to do is type slash "/" to bring up a list of all commands you can do. With Santa Claus you can use both slash and standard commands.

    Required permissions

    • Read Messages
    • Send Messages
    • Send Messages in Threads
    • Embed Links
    • Attach Files
    • Read Message History